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2008-10-23 23:56:44 by JtPersian

I've actually known this site for about 4-5 years, but I've never had the chance to join because I didn't have Flash. And now that I have it, YAY! :D

I'm working on my 'logo animation'/'signature' so we will have to wait a bit for anything from me.

I like funny things, like banana peels that sing silly songs that make people laugh out loud. That is my job. Seriously. I'll prove it to you: I got banned in the first 2 days because I said:
It's sorta funny; when I submitted a 0 out of 5, it said "Blam this piece of crap!"


lol, I was a bit too excited to start posting things.

So, expect hilarious things from me, because THEY WILL COME!


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